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    Jul 25, 2005
    It all began as a child in elementary school, where I looked disapprovingly at the bright red glass of koolaid, and sipped with much the same type of expression.
    Colored iMacs were not windows machines, and were abnormal.

    Later, as I was forced to spend 13-15 hours in the mall of America as a middle schooler, I actually drank the koolaid for the first time. As I loomed with a giddy mindset over 1ghz iBooks. I had an opportunity to get one, but passed for a laptop capable of Counter Strike: Source.

    Just shortly after I had build my gaming machine, Apple announced that they were moving to intel. I knew when this machine died, I would be getting a Mac.

    My grandmother was calling me everyday with a computer issue, and the decision was made to get her a new computer as hers was aging, and she ironically needed it for work. I pushed my parents hard to get her a Mac Mini, finally, they caved, and though it was a step, I also realized that my Grandmother had switched before me. Though I knew nothing past what I had habitually read on Macrumors for years, I was able to teach her the OS, and after a few question calls, I receive almost no support calls, which is nice.

    A little over two weeks ago, something paradoxically amazing and depressing happened. After ranting about the iPhone and it's greatness from the launch date (announced date) and being outside my local Apple store for the launch, my mother called me asking for instructions as to the set up of her Jesus Phone. She loves the thing and I don't blame her.

    However, I was still macless.

    She did me a great favor my ripping the cord out of my computer, killing the motherboard. Obviously, since I had built it, I could fix it, but it's windoze, and I don't want to deal with it anymore. I selfishly played the guilt card, as well as some other cards, and it finally happened:

    My iMac was ordered.

    I have just metaphorically guzzled picher-sized proportions of koolaid:D:apple:
    I ended up ordering the 2.4 20 inch, making the only an upgrade to a wireless mighty mouse. Purchasing iWork separate. It is due to arrive Friday, and I have begun to invite mac fanboy friends (whose mannerisms I created) to the "unboxing".

    I should also add since I have been with a source engine run game for almost a month, bootcamp and/or VMWARE Fusion will be installed first.;)

    Wish me luck, my koolaid mustache is more prevalent than ever!:apple:
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    Sep 20, 2007
    nice rant and i totally understand, i kept putting it off, and putting it off, until i found a good enough excuse to get my wife to let me order a new imac, best decision i have ever made, except for marrying my wife...so, hope you have enough koolaid to share!!
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    Jul 25, 2005

    I am having an unboxing party!

    On that note, two things:
    1) If I run an optical cable from the iMac to my reciever, will the BONG play through that on first boot?
    2) I know that AC3 and DTS signals can only be obtained from a dvd, but can I use VLC and have 5.1 output from a 5.1 source? For instance, could I play a .VOB from VLC and retain 5.1 from the optical jack? What about through quicktime.

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