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    Jan 23, 2009
    I just updated my MacBook and moved all my files over from my old iMac. I had Knights of the Old Republic installed on my old Mac, but never played it because it was so glitchy. Now that I have a new and improved processor, I am willing to try it again...but I can't find the install DVD. Now I have the files, but no CD and it won't let me play. I have looked for cracks, to no success. Can anyone help me? If I create a disk image, will that work? Can I create my own crack? Does anyone have a reliable crack? I would understand the aversion to crack programs like this if the content is pirated, but I actually PAID for this program and now it is useless. A little help?
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    If you still have the box and manual, you can probably get a replacement CD. Blizzard and other studios offer this sort of deal, mainly because discs can be damages over time. It's usually $10 for a replacement.
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