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    Feb 18, 2006
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    Hey all

    I picked up a copy of The Sith Lords in Aachen yesterday (so naturally it's the German version), and it will not run on my Macbook, even though this little thing has more than enough power.

    It's the 2.16Ghz IC2D model with 1GB Ram, Intel GMA graphics.

    Basically the game starts and lets me create my character, but when I try to play, it only gets to the start of the first level (crashes as soon as gameplay comes on screen).

    I assume there is one little thing in the config file that needs to be added to prevent this, or perhaps a graphic setting with the Intel GMA. I tried adding the Disable Vertex Shaders=1 line but that didn't fix it.

    Anyone tried/succeeded to run this game on a Macbook?

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    Jun 21, 2006
    there is a patch

    i know on the US version the game shipped with major bugs.
    There was a patch that fixed the issue you are talking about (so it may not be your video card at all), but it had to be manually downloaded.

    Check out lucasarts.com or check out obsidians web site (i think they were the developer for 2)

    I don't know who the German distributor of the game was, or if the lucas arts site with have a patch for your version, but its out there somewhere. There are actually 3 patches in all from what I remember.

    And when you get it working, enjoy! If you play through a few times, the ending will unlock more and more information and content as well as throughout the game.

    IF only LA would start work on 3!!!!
    edit: try this http://www.gamershell.com/download_8333.shtml

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