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    Dont know how many people know about Kerbal Space Program or have played it but I am going to document my many (failed) attempts at landing on Mun. Much trial and error was spent on a rocket design capable of getting out of Kerbin orbit, to Mun, and once again back to Kerbin. Following the stock tutorial to Mun video doesnt seem to work in the latest version due to the Tri-Stack coupler not fitting.

    Here is my rocket...


    during liftoff


    Here is the rocket on its way to the surface of Mun, I screwed the orbit up at last minute so the trajectory is messy and the spacecraft is showing a path with horizontal movement compared to the surface.


    another picture of approach


    doing a burn to hopefully slow the craft down...


    lost my landing rocket when trying to take a screen shot...all thats left is the secondary *landing* rocket used for position and the final slow down and then the trip back to Kerbin...sadly I am still moving too fast for it to be of any use.

    6(Pictures from here on are in next post)

    this is the point where the mission is a complete failure, secondary rocket burned out and still moving much too fast. Thought what the hell and tried the parachute, physics are quite good in this game as the parachute did not work(as expected in a vacuum)


    Here is a cool picture of the radial decoupling of the main lift rockets, this doesnt occur until the spacecraft is in Kerbin orbit and at a speed of 2300m/s but I did it here for the picture




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    Pictures 6-9

    If anyone else plays this it would be cool if you would document some missions here.

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