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    Dear All:

    Our new free game “Kung-Fu Jump” is now available on app store!
    To celebrate this big event of ours, all our games will become free in the next week!


    In the first version of Kung-Fu Jump, We have released 30 stages of Story Mode (Easy), and will release the last 20 stages in the next patch (1.0.1).

    Patch 1.0.1 will be online with 2 weeks, after that, we have prepared many new content such as Endless Mode, harder version of Story Mode, and more new stages, characters, items.

    What we want to do in this game is to put more action elements into jump games (It's Kung-Fu after all!). Shaking the device to dodge things is one of our attempts. We leave a roll button on the screen because maybe not everyone is able to shake the device, but we encourage our players use this function more often. Tell us your feelings about this function if you like.

    Please rate the game, write to us, give us your opinions about what you want to see in the future version, or what we can do to improve the game exprience.


    The mysterious eastern land has been a peaceful world since long time ago. However, a rumor of an unparalleled Kung-Fu Scroll breaks it s tranquility.

    “Find the legendary Scroll and you will become the real Kung-Fu Master!”

    Rumors have spread far, causing a stir among the people of the eastern land. If being a Kung-Fu master will fulfill all your wishes, will you fight for the Scroll?

    A few Kung-Fu artists have set out to find the scroll, hoping to improve their Kung-Fu skills with its help. Meanwhile, some other people who are tired of their peaceful life have also started their journey of seeking for adventures.

    Is the scroll real? Is it a plot brewing by the evil side? We will never know the answer until we start this exciting exploration journey.

    Which, will be a very long one.

    It’s time to choose your side, fight for the scroll or hold on to your faith.
    Join our characters and explore this mysterious land yourself!

    Are you Ready?

    [​IMG]----Game Features----

    - Easy Control with Exciting Experience!
    Simply draw a line, shake and tilt the device to move your character, keep them safe, use their power and dodge various dangers at the last second!

    - Total Different Game Modes!
    There are 2 totally different game modes in the story line. Turn around your device (or your head?!) to play it! You should jump higher and higher, catch as many coins as you can, or fulfill various conditions of each stage.

    - 3 Peculiar Story Lines!
    In the story mode, there are 3 different story lines for different characters. Life always comes to An end? Well, we got several ends here. Pick your favorite!

    - 10 Unique Characters!
    Hey, check out who is here. Different characters have different skills. Find out their best use, you will become a Kung-Fu master, too!
    “You also get a Panda?!”
    YES, don’t you like to know more?

    - Traditional Kung-Fu Style & Fresh Challenges!
    Traditional Chinese ink painting and Classic Chinese instruments are put together to presents a breath taking eastern world, while the unique 2-modes combined stages give you a fresh game playing experience!

    Kung-Fu Jump 1.0.0 Gameplay

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    Thanks ^^
    There are things we want to improve, but have to take it one step at a time!
  4. Bilalo macrumors 6502

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    Put in a tutorial, I know I send amazing job but I only played it 5 min and seemed to work the first time. I dont understand the controls of it :S

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