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Apr 12, 2001

Apple plans to launch a high-end iPhone without a Lightning connector in the second half of 2021, according to a new prediction from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. The device will supposedly offer a "completely wireless experience," suggesting that Apple is not switching to USB-C, but rather dropping the port entirely.


An excerpt from Kuo's research note with TF International Securities, obtained by MacRumors:
Apple will create more differentiation between the highest-end and high- end models. It will benefit the shipment of the highest-end model and iPhone ASP. Among new 2H21 iPhone models, we expect that the highest-end model would cancel the [Lightning] port and provide the completely wireless experience.
Earlier in 2021, Kuo expects Apple will launch a so-called "iPhone SE 2 Plus" with a full-screen design but no Face ID, resulting in only a small notch. Instead, Touch ID will be built into the power button, according to Kuo:
Apple will launch the iPhone SE2 Plus in 1H21. We predict that the display size will be 5.5 or 6.1-inch. This model will adopt a full-screen design. The notch area will be smaller because of no Face ID support. The Touch ID will be integrated with the power button, which is located on the side.
A report from JPMorgan analysts earlier this week said that Apple will be moving toward a biannual iPhone release cycle to help smooth out sales. Coupled with Kuo's report, it does look like Apple may be moving towards a trend of lower-end iPhones each spring and higher-end iPhones each fall.

Article Link: Kuo: Apple to Launch 'Completely Wireless' iPhone Without Lightning Connector and 'iPhone SE 2 Plus' With Touch ID Power Button in 2021
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Sep 20, 2014
Progress. A micro-USB-C plug would be nice.

Add 5G, well......

And for the ones who bitch that they need to spend more money, unification of standards is a very good idea, regardless.
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Aug 1, 2013
I think this is a good line up but I have assumed that the notch would have been shaved a little bit before its eliminated.


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Sep 22, 2018
Is this about USB-C or a portless iPhone?

Edit: Just saw the update so it’s about portless.


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Aug 19, 2017
I think this is a good line up but I have assumed that the notch would have been shaved a little bit before its eliminated.
It'll probably go or be reduced significantly on the new 'pro' models, while the basic model(s) will look largely the same as now?


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Oct 21, 2013
Some 90s guy made this in PowerPoint. And on topic, let lightning die. Long live usb-c or preferably tb3
This isn't about what type of port; it's about no-port. Wireless charging and connectivity only.

Instead of charging from just a plug and cable, you charge from a plug, cable and charging mat to your "wireless" phone. (And you need to use about 20% to 25% more electricity to provide the same amount of charging, too.)


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Jul 13, 2008
Cant charge my phone in the car while i drive anymore and can’t connect my phone to my dsp in the truck with a dac(headless system). Only way would be to connect with Bluetooth. Sounds pretty horrible to me. Why would they ever take away a real charging port and music output. I will be super mad if they do. Usb c sure thats fine but I like having my digital out to my car stereo. Wireless charging in the car? Ehh too slow and I assume most people that like music don’t use bluetooth. Scratch that most people use Bluetooth cause they don’t care about quality much And it’s easy


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Jan 6, 2014
Indianapolis, IN
Getting rid of the lightning port eliminates another potential point for water intrusion so I see this as a good thing. I already do all my charging via wireless chargers. The only thing that is going to cause me a problem is that I need to be able to plug my iPhone in to my car for CarPlay. I am hoping there will be some way short of buying a new car that will allow me to wirelessly connect to CarPlay.

I really think going to a bi-annual iPhone refresh cycle with new lower end phones earlier in the year makes a lot of sense.

The Oak

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Nov 12, 2013
Everyone is screaming for USB-C on an iPhone.

Apple is leap frogging that with no cable connection - period.

Obviously wireless charging would need to be included.

Other than that ... the only time I "connect" my iPhone is for backups. Even then I could do it wireless.
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