Kuzy 15" rMBP Screen Protector Review

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    Hello Fellow Mac-a-ninnies (Feel free to use this term I just made up, I know you want to).

    Today I have received a Kuzy 15" rMBP Screen Protector and have installed it on my laptop. This purchase was prompted by constantly having to clean my screen of keyboard marks every few days caused by the screen making contact with the keyboard when pressure is applied in my laptop bag.

    If anyone here has been perusing these boards the past few weeks I am sure you will have seen threads about people lightly cleaning their rMBP screen only to find the anti-glare coating rub off. Who knows how common this problem actually is, but suffice to say I do not want it happening to my laptop. As I am rather anal about my screen being completely clean of anything, I decided to purchase a screen protector that I can clean to my hearts content.

    The brand I decided on was Kuzy, only because the reviews were decent and it wasn't very expensive. I live in Canada, and ordered it off of Amazon Canada, where was the seller was Kuzy themselves, the product was shipped from the US.

    Upon receiving it I was amazed at the amount of stuff they included in the package, far more than the average phone screen protector I have seen. All this extra stuff is very much needed though, so I am very happy it was.

    These extras included:

    -Cleaning cloths (Don't use these, they aren't very good)
    -Fixable card for applying the protector (Don't use this either, a soft cloth around your finger does a better job)
    -Alignment Stickers (Critical)
    -Dust removal stickers (Critical, Two types: large for initial dust removal and small strips only 1/3 covered in adhesive, used to remove dust from the adhesive side of the protector after installation.

    The alignment stickers are an awesome inclusion and make installation much easier. You stick the strip to the screen protector and then align it perfectly. Once aligned, you wrap the sticker around the backside of the screen lid, allowing you to hinge the protector up to remove the first piece of backing plastic and still have it perfectly aligned once you set it back down. Awesome.

    All of these can be done with tape, but having them included is a real bonus, and they are much easier to handle than a piece of tape.

    The screen protector itself is rather nice, very smooth finish and is very easily removed from the screen. It will add a fair amount of gloss to the screen but that is just the nature of these things.

    One thing to note, the screen protector is pretty much the definition of edge to edge protection. The protector is cut exactly to size and leaves no extra space around the edges to make alignment easier. You have to get it perfect, or it will not fit.

    With the help of a co-worker this alignment process took 5 attempts, but once we finished it was a perfect fit. It took this many attempts because my first alignment was about 1/2 a mm too low and the bottom edge of the protector wouldn't sit flush inside the bezel. My fault for not catching this and removing the backing.

    Once on, it is then a job of removing all the air bubbles and any dust that may have been left on the screen or gotten underneath during installation.

    Dust is easy enough to get rid of by peeling the protector back up to reveal the dust particle and using the included dust remover strip to grab it. As for air bubbles, I found the best way was to peel up a corner of the protector, and peel it back to about the half way point of the screen. Then put tension on it while keeping it at as low an angle as possible without it actually sticking it to the screen. Then slowly move your finger covered in a soft cloth along the edge of the non adhered protector and slowly make your way out to the edges of the screen.

    This will leave no bubbles if done correctly and is much much easier than trying to push bubbles around underneath the protector.

    The end result is more glossy, but perfectly sharp. Do recommend for anyone wanting to keep their screen a bit safer. Just make sure you set aside a good half an hour plus to install it!

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    Ask and yee shall receive. Photo is a bit overexposed, it exaggerates the glossiness a bit, it isn't that bad.


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