KVM Switch, share DVI Display, Keyboard, Mouse between Mac and PC

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by deanshu, Dec 13, 2008.

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    Jun 7, 2008
    I'm wondering if there's a KVM switch out there that supports using one display via DVI, one keyboard, and one mouse between a PC desktop and a Macbook.

    I have a E248WFP Dell monitor (1920 x 1200) that has DVI and VGA; I don't like using VGA though, as text always appear fuzzy even in native resolution. I'm not sure if it's the monitor issue, the desktop PC issue, or a cable issue but I would prefer DVI because it's an uncompressed digital signal. I will be going out and buying a mini-Displayport to DVI adapter soon, so I can use DVI for both the MB and PC.

    I'm also wondering if there was a KVM that supports bluetooth, so I can have an excuse to go and buy the Apple Wireless Keyboard. The obvious benefit of using bluetooth over RF is that I can carry the keyboard with me with the Macbook if the need arises, but I can live with RF via USB too. No biggie. (By the way, anyone have any recommendations for a wireless keyboard that has no input lag for a 120 WPM typer? Does the Apple Wireless Keyboard have any latency? I tried the Logitech MX3200 and RMA'ed it twice, and it was absolutely horrible.)

    No audio is fine by me. I'll let my Z-5500 handle that, as the control module has both optical audio and analog inputs - I'll grab a mini-toslink to toslink cable if the KVM is successful.

    Summary: Ideal KVM would have
    • the ability to share DVI ports
    • the ability to share a wireless mouse and keyboard (preferrably USB with no lag)
    • both Mac and PC support (obviously).

    If anyone has had these requirements and found one to suit there needs, I would be more than happy if you could share your findings/results as well as opinions on your product.
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    Jun 7, 2008
    Oh, and before I forget - I also need a nice notebook stand to elevate its display, if possible.
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