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LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series 6TB Review & Custom Specs


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May 13, 2008
To All,

I've been following the thread by philipma1957 (shortcut3d also deserves some praise) on the Seagate Thunderbolt Adapter and I am really impressed by the thoroughness of what he and shortcut have been able to find out about compatibility, etc.

I am going to try and do the same with the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series enclosure because I know that there is EXTREME potential with this enclosure consider what I've been able to do with regular old SATA III Mechanical HDDs.

The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series uses the 1TB platter HDDs from Seagate (Model ST3000DM001 & Specs) and I can truly see why they are using them. They run cool, are stupid fast, and are very quiet consider the performance that they give in an enclosure that is 100% aluminum .

Performance Numbers
Anandtech did a great REVIEW on these drives and I was actually able to best the numbers that Anandtech found in his review.

Read of File via AJA from the 2big - Avatar Extended 720p - File Size : 4.29GB (Finder Info)

Result - 378.8 MB/s

Read/Write using AJA - 1920x1080 10bit Video in 4GB size

Results - Reads of 344.9 MB/s & Writes of 332.5 MB/s


Custom Specs

I will have some Corsair Performance Pro 256GB SSDs on the way to me by the end of the week to put into the sleds and find out if this enclosure will support the full SATA III spec of 6Gbps. If it will, I can see reads being the well into the 800-900 MB/s range and writes on up there as well. If anyone would like to send me drives to review in RAID, please let me know. I have a couple of left over WD Caviar Blacks (WD2001FASS) that I am also going to see how they perform.


P.S. If anyone is interested in one of these, either the 4TB or 6TB, I can get a 10% discount on them. Email me. Thanks


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Great Review, many thanks! Considering purchasing one of these at some point, running out of space with my growing iTunes collection!

Im also tempted with the firewire d2 drives available... the idea of stacking them up is rather appealing ;) not too sure i could justify two 2Big's though! Would be nice to possibly see a thunderbolt version of the D2 drives sometime soon...


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Jul 8, 2006
i wish they would sell just the enclosures . . .

Me too, especially those 4 and 6 bay Promise enclosures. I figure I would be getting my own drives with them anyway.

On a side note, I wish HDD prices would finally come back down to what they were before the flood in Thailand.
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