lacie 3tb d2 usb 3.0 thunderbolt

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Kebabselector, Sep 9, 2013.

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    I'm in the market for a bit more storage.

    Currently I run 2x 2tb (5400rpm drives) Freecom datatank (1 Mirrored, 1 set up as 2 drives - the mirrored device backs up to the 2nd drive - the 2nd disk in this device is for my Time machine backup).

    I've been looking at the lacie 3tb d2 usb 3.0 thunderbolt to replace my mirrored drive , then collapse the mirror and turn the Freecom disk into a Raid 0 device for backing up the lacie. The other freecom drive would remain as a time machine device.

    So has anyone used one these lacie drives. Amazon are selling them for £222 at the moment, so for a thunderbolt device it looks to offer the best 'value' in the UK.
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    Why don't you replace the setup with a NAS instead? Time machine backups run in the background anyways, so the difference between 125MB/s and 180MB/s is kinda negligible.

    It's also less expensive if you look at the price per Gigabyte, as for the price of the LaCie, you get nearly three bare 3GB hard drives - or a Synology DS213j and one of those hard drives with the option to install a second one.

    Plus, instead of a bare medium of mass storage, you also get all the fancy stuff that make NAS' so great along with it.

    (However, given Synology's pricing in the UK, you may want take a look at the LaCie 2big NAS instead. It does more or less the same things as the Synology, with the lack of RSS-based torrent downloads and unrar after finishing a download being the most notable drawback of LaCie NASesses vs. Synology and QNAP. If LaCie's NAS OS had that, I'd camp outside of a store for two weeks, too.)
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    Sadly I can't use a NAS with Adobe Lightroom (the database bit anyway). Plus I'd need a gigabit switch, which isn't expensive - just another plug!

    Thanks for the suggestion though :)
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    Dec 15, 2012
    I use one for backups, and media storage and it's rather good.

    Black magic had read/writes of 150MB/s + on the benchmark, and it's fantastic compared to my USB 3 Seagate backup Plus which only topped at 62MB/s; most likely due to it being 5400rpm.

    Do note though that the sucker is Loud! There's no fan, so all the noise comes from the drive itself. You also do not need to use the vertical stand, mine came with 2 small silicone strips which let you place it on its side, and that help absorb vibrations.

    Works nice with USB3 and Thunderbolt, and the little utility that runs when you plug it in lets you quickly format some of it in FAT for windows use.

    I wanted to order from Amazon, but none of the resellers on there shipped to Ireland. So I ended up buying directly from Lacie at €299.

    Overall I really like the drive, and if you place it in a desk or out of the way you won't notice the noise.

    Note: It can get warm to the touch, as the case works as a heatsink. Although this might also be due to me constantly transferring 90GB+ raw video files, processing and export for hours on end during the day.

    Now warm to the touch is in my ambient room temperature, which is rater cold. We're talking 15-18 degrees celcius during the day without heating lately.

    All in all I'm happy with it. :)
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    Birmingham, UK
    Thanks for the info. Noise is something I did worry about - still both my Freecom Datatanks can be a little bit noisy - however they are stored under my desk so it's not much of a problem. Think I'll try one from Amazon and if it's too noisy then I'll return it.

    Thanks :)

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