LaCie D2 Ext HDD - Strange button?


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Feb 14, 2005
Northern Ireland
Hi guys,

I've just taken delivery of a LaCie D2 250GB Firewire800 HDD and am very pleased with the looks and performance of the drive (although I wish they'd shipped white cables rather than ugly black - they are bought mainly by Mac users after all), but I just want to know from other people who own one of these drives if the button is the same as mine.

Basically the button presses in further on one side than the other. For example, if I have the drive vertically with the button at the top, the left side of the button presses in a few millimetres before the 'click', but the right side hardly moves at all. Is this a normal feature of the drive?


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Apr 11, 2003
Be gentle with that button. Mine's a little off, but still works. We have a few at work and a couple of them have buttons that only work half the time now. They depress but no click. I would say you are fine but just be gentle with it. A design flaw.
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