LaCie Ethernet drive file format ?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Dflynn95, Nov 11, 2007.

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    Nov 11, 2007
    Hello, and first thank you all for the amount of information you share allowing me to work through this transition.

    Currently, I have 3 LaCie Ethernet drives routed through our very small network in which two computers share the files located on them. Per Windows properties the file structure of these ethernet drives are NTFS. My question is: Will I need to format these three disks for the Mac, or will the Mac write to these disks because they are communicating over a form of internet? If I must reformat then I will not be able to do so until I have at least one of the Mac's here? I can not find an option within "manage" that formats to a Mac.

    We back these Ethernet drives up onto LaCie Big Disks by year, these also are formatted NTFS. So really dumb question here...but if I have a duplicate on the Big Disks under a NTFS format will the information transfer back to the Ethernet drives correctly now that they are Mac formatted? Everything I have read thus far says to back up to the Mac itself and then copy back...but there is close to 4TB of files and it will not fit.

    Finally, I will need to partition a portion of the Mac over to Windows as my lab uses some software to order prints that is not for Mac (although they indicate it is coming). So, the question is A) Can I "see" and pull from the Ethernet drives from the Windows side of a Mac using this software? or B) Will I simply need to partition a larger portion of the local drive to Windows to handle these "long roll" shoots?

    I hope that made some sense...Again, thank you.
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    I have my Windows Vista PC networked with my Mac, and the Vista PC is NTFS HD. I know that I can modify, delete and add files to the Vista share. So i'm guessing NTFS over network shares don't matter.
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