LaCie hard drive is not mounting, only shows on PC

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by chocolate632, Jan 16, 2009.

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    Hey guys, first of all, let me explain the setup i have.

    I have a 500 GB LaCie hard drive that I bought 11 months ago, so its still under warranty. It's formated with two partitions on it: Time Machine Backups and Storage which are both 250 GB. I also have windows installed on my mac via bootcamp and i have a program installed called MacDrive which allows me to view the contents of my mac hard drive and external hard drive.

    Ok, so about a week ago, my hard drive wouldn't mount on my mac. I couldn't see it in Disk Utility or the Finder. It's not making any weird noises and sounds like its running normally, so i don't think anything is physically wrong with the hard drive. I booted up windows and plugged it in and this is what happened.

    I pressed OK and windows asked me what I'd like to do with the two partitions. I chose "Open files in folder" or whatever that option is and i can see my files, open them, and copy them, even the time machine partition. But when i go to my computer and click one of the partitions, it shows this.

    This EVEN shows on the Macintosh HD which worked fine before. So, does anyone know what the problem is? Should I try reformatting the external hard drive in windows? Should I reinstall MacDrive?

    Thanks in advanced:apple:
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    Do not reformat.

    On Windows, MacDrive has tools to "Format or Repair Mac Disks".

    Run that from the Start Menu, MacDrive, Tools and have it "Check Mac Volume".

    If MacDrive can repair the Drive, move it to the Mac and run "Disk Warrior", if you have it, to rebuild the Directories.

    If you don't have "Disk Warrior" then use "Disk Utility" to repair the disk and the permissions.

    You should be able to resurrect the disk unless you totally hosed it - which is unlikely.

    BTW "Disk Warrior" is my best friend. Well worth the price of admission.
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