lacie vs. g-tech hard drives


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Aug 17, 2005
I have a 40 gb lacie external firewire HD and a 120 Gb lacie external firewire HD. I now have ~100 Gb of music on the 120 GB hard drive. The 40 Gb is really old and has lots of other random stuff. I would like to avoid filling the
drive on my PowerBook. I would also like to consolidate the two drives into one.

I am considering the g-tech and lacie hard drives but I am open to suggestions I would preffer firewire 800 as I have 400 now and would like to upgrade. I think a drive upwards of 300 Gb would be OK. Help.


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Jul 22, 2002
A whole lot of people here like LaCie drives, myself included. I've never had any experience with the G-Tech drives. Any reason you're considering them?

I have a 250 gig LaCie Porsche drive. It's very small and quiet. I'd certainly recommend it.


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Mar 18, 2005
I have a G-tech drive, an 80 gig model, and am very pleased with it. It has good looks and good performance (I believe I saw on their website that they use Hitachi drives in their products) They are also well priced. Hope that helps you some.


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Apr 21, 2004
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i too have been looking at the g-tech drives...mainly because of their sleek looks and supposedly quiet operation. i am also very keen on having a firewire 800 drive, as it will definitely outperform the LaCie USB 2 external i'm currently using.

the main reason i'm pursuing g-tech instead of LaCie is probably the fact that i haven't been that impressed by my LaCie. but that is mainly my own fault (getting a USB drive instead of a Firewire) and should have no bearing on my next HD purchase. sigh.


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Jun 28, 2002
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I've got two new LaCie D2 Extreme 250GB HD that I'm using for my new job. They are nice, big, fast, and silent. And the best part is that they're both FW800, so the transfers are quite quick.

That being said, I have a similar D2 160GB at my old job that was FW400. It started out nice and quiet, but over time developed a few noises of it's own. Otherwise, it was/is a good drive.


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Jul 20, 2004
Considering external "drives" are just enclosures with someone else's internal drive tucked inside, the only way to really be sure how good it will be is to know what brand of drive is inside. Then again, you can find equal numbers of horror stories about every brand of hard drive (IBM DeathStars, Worthless Disasters, Maxdoor-stops and whatever other pet names people might give to their failed drives :)). Personally I'm still wary of both WD and IBM/Hitachi drives. The trouble is in finding out what drives a given external "drive" maker uses -- and hoping they actually stick with one brand instead of using whichever is cheaper that week.
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