Lack of Leaks Indication of Discontinuation?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Yebubbleman, Jun 23, 2014.

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    My brain's a little bit fuzzy when it comes to remembering the rumor mill leading up to the September 2012 keynote in which the fifth generation iPod touch, the seventh generation iPod nano, and the iPhone 5 all were announced. I remember that, like every year, we had rumors about the iPhone 5 all summer long. But my memory is a bit fuzzy on the rumor mill when it came to the seventh generation iPod nano and the fifth generation iPod touch.

    Did we see a lot of leaks and rumors at around this time?

    Does a lack of leaks at this point in time, especially with an iPod touch that is CURRENTLY two generations of internal hardware behind the current iPhone (mind you that disparity has never happened at any other time before; at worst, it was one generation of internal hardware behind), indicate that we may not see iPod updates at all this year?

    Or worse, might this be an indication of a discontinuation of the iPod line?

    Or might we just see a consolidation of all of the iPods into a single model?

    What say you (based on the information we have or don't have)?
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    We got a few rumors about the iPod nano 7th gen, but the only rumors about the iPod touch were that it would be getting a bigger screen like the iPhone 5, and there was a case leak with a mysterious hole in the bottom left corner which turned out to be the "loop."
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    That's what we said LAST year :D:eek:
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    When an iPhone comparable to iPod Touch specs can be purchased for $299, $399, $499 (32GB, 64GB ,128GB) without a contract , then and only then should they discontinue the iPod Touch. the iPod touch is apple's answer to PS vita and Nintendo DS/3DS handheld gaming market. Kids who arent ready for a cellphone should still have an option. Of course, now that ive typed this out I can see Apple offering a $299 iPod Touch and an iPhone 5C for $399 & $499
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    The iPod touch 5 is still speedy though. Not like the 4 which was so underpowered. Heck, it has similar internals to the 4S and mini and apple still sells those
  6. Plutonius, Jun 24, 2014
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    Nope. It just means that it's very doubtful that the Touch 6 will be out this fall. If you don't see a Touch 6 by spring 2015, the Touch is most likely being discontinued.

    Look through the forums from last year. Almost everyone said that they were not expecting a new design last year. The new design should have been this fall but, with the amount of products they are releasing (iWatch, etc), it looks like they had to push the possible release date back. The Touch will require at least an A7 to run IOS9 (Fall 2015) so I expect to see the Touch 6 by spring 2015 at the latest unless they are discontinuing the Touch.
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    It would need at least an A6... The iPhone 5, and 5c should see up to iOS 10, or 11. As the 4s still isn't done in updates, and the A7 and A6 aren't that different in terms of speed. Both run apps nearly the same way except the A7 is 64 bit, and I doubt iOS will be fully 64 bit for iOS 9, considering the iPhone 5 and 5c have the FULL feature set of iOS 8. And this will probably hold true for 9.
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    Most people don't have the iPod Touch on their "hot item" list, anymore.

    I'm not sure there are many blogs or news outlets that care about any rumors or news of the iPod Touch. They tend to want iPad and iPhone news.

    The iPT is just a low-end 'tween item based on the developments of iPhone and iPad. Sales and prestige go to those other items. The iPT follows, it doesn't lead, the release of such tech.

    Don't hang a hat on anything. I doubt the iPods are going to die until later in the decade or beyond. There will be a release of some kind at sometime in the future.
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    ^That. Plus, a fair amount of the supply chain rumors are possible due to the sheer numbers involved in iPhone and iPad manufacture. Multiple manufacturing plants, rather than one or two lines within a plant. Multiple suppliers for a single part, in quantities that account for a substantial part of a factory's output. Or in Star Wars terms, iPod Touch isn't large enough to create a disturbance in the force.

    Stories about Google's recent acquisition of Skybox Imagery included mention that Skybox has been able to predict iPhone manufacturing activity based on analysis of images of factory loading docks. Think that would be easy to do in the case of a smaller product like iPod Touch?

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