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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Mikhail192, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Oct 18, 2013

    Sometimes the lack of time is not the main problem for the postponement of different things. Sometimes eead of them. We can’t offer such thing, but what we can it to offer something new in the field of organizers. Check the new application with the promising name “iMotivation+”! The application is a «mixture» of the functions of the organizer and motivator. But this is not the motivator with the ambitious slogans, quotes, or other similar things.

    Organizer functions are standardized: to add notes/reminders, there is a special sliding panel, which is caused by a shift from left to right. With turned on synchronization function with social networks, the data is automatically distributed in the appropriate category (from Birthdays to Meetings).


    The "Projects" function is the main feature of this application. User specifies the start and end time and date of the project, description and, of course, the name . If anyone want to divide project into tasks – this possibility also exists. During the project, the application sends a notification - questions. The answers are taken into account to form user statistics .The program motivates through method of visualization by means of graphs and charts, timer, and notifications .The first three components provide a picture of the "working day", while the last one helps to be not distracted from the work.

    To sum up, «iMotivation» may be useful for the user who is experiencing difficulties with the organization of their time, or used to analyze their actions. iTunes Link
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    Oct 19, 2013
    Really helpful. Thanks!) But only to people who spend all their time with iPhone in their hands!
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    Thanks a lot!

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