Lady Gaga + Family Videos = CRAZY!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by AbSoluTc, Jul 7, 2010.

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    It's crazy, I know! Here's the deal, if you remove any videos captured with your iPhone to your computer (removing them from the camera roll), the only way to put them back on is through the videos section in iTunes which will show up when you launch iPod on your phone. How crappy is that? :(

    I called Apple to see if there was an alternative but there is not. I was like, my family videos are going to lumped in with Lady Gaga now? She snickered and she said she understands but unfortunately that is the only way.

    I think it would be a very nice idea for Apple to rename the Photos app to a media app or something and allow videos to be put back on there. Or some way to organize and manage videos taken with the iphone.

    Just seems really messed up. Not a big deal but I have no way to put my videos back on my phone if I restore my phone to fresh. The photos I have no problem with because they go back on.

    Ugh. :(
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    go to itunes click on your phone, click on the photos tab, click "include videos"

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    I simply dump the iPhone videos from my our iPhones into an album in iPhoto, and sync that. Works great, but requires a Mac.

    I also sync home videos shot with our Sony through iTunes. It's not terribly difficult. ;) Just change the media type to "TV Show," name the show 'Home Videos' or whatever, and sync. The advantage of doing it this way is that, on the iPhone, the home videos will be separated from everything else Ina folder-like structure. Also, by changing the dates for each of the 'shows' in iTunes, you can easily change the order they display on your iPhone.
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    Holly ****! If you were here I would give you a big old HUG and a slap on the ass! :D

    WTF how did Apple no know this? Granted it's pretty obvious up top and I have no idea how I missed it. Still, tech support should have had know. :(

    Now - Are the videos going to remain the same as when they were removed from the phone? I noticed it says "optimizing" when it syncs up a video I add. Just curious.

    I am so HAPPY now!!!! My daily videos and family movies don't have to be next to Lady Gaga and her sexy self! Thanks so much dude.

    Interesting. It's not hard no, but I really like my day to day, self shot vids in the photos area. Makes sharing easier. Thanks for the info though, I might look into that option.
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    Why don't you just blame global warming on apple as well :rolleyes:
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    That reminds me of T-Mobile. Two tech support people were unable to help me with a problem I was having, so I ended up taking the phone to a T-Mobile store and the salesman figured it out in 5-10 seconds (I'm not exaggerating). So much for "technical support"!

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