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    Hello everyone. Yesterday got a refurbished Macbook 12" Early 2015, a base model with m3 processor. Well, I have noticed some lags in whole system. For example, in iTunes when scrolling albums and opening them. Looks like 5fps, or in Pages when scrolling through templates. I have compared with my Air Early 2014. In case of Air everything is fast. So I want to know, if notebook generally is slow or I got a defected one or...
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    It's normal - but iTunes is particularly bad. Even my 5K iMac lags in iTunes album view.

    PS. You don't have an M3 processor. You have a 1.1GHz Core M processor. It's weaker than the M3.
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    Oct 5, 2008
    Sorry this is normal in the 2015 MB 12. It simply isn't a powerful computer. The 2016 is slightly better in terms of lag since it uses a Core M3. But what you are experiencing is completely normal for a Core M. I got rid of both of my 2015's because of the slight stutter.
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    some things to try: in system preferences>accessibility>display, check "reduce motion" and "reduce transparency", see if that helps. try rebooting, and opening only the apps you need (and quitting apps when you're not using them, as opposed to just closing the windows).

    give your mac less to do, and reboot periodically to 'flush' the ram.

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