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Jan 19, 2004
So I've been poking my nose around in Leopard. If you "Get Info" [command+I] for any app you can see a list of languages, and check or uncheck them as desired. I'm only really interested in using one language, so I unchecked them. After doing this I ctrl+clicked to "Show Package Contents". This revealed that in the Contents folder two folders (among other things) can be found: "Resources", and "Resources Disabled", and inside the "Resources Disabled" are all the language .lproj files that I unchecked in the Get Info for that application. After unchecking all but one language, that "Resources Disabled" folder starts to take up space. In Mail alone it was over 200MB. So my idea is, how about I just delete the stuff found in the "Resources Disabled". What do you all think? Should I risk it? Do you think there might be a way to construct a Automator workflow to delete all the contents in all of these "Disabled" folders?


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Dec 16, 2004
I don't have those other languages. When you install the OS, you can choose not to install other languages. So it should be safe to delete those languages. Or at least you can backup the and then try to delete those.
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