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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Amstrman, Aug 15, 2009.

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    I personally wouldn't want something sticking out of the dock connector all the time. It is fragile and could easily damage the phone if it was sat on or bent. :eek:
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    Just a mo I'll check the Blue Dot
    I also like the idea of being able to attach a Lanyard or Wrist Strap to the iPhone, not for the purposes shown in the above videos but solely for the purpose of preventing against accidental dropping of an expensive piece of kit.

    I have never seen the Danglet but it appears to be a 'shroud' to cover the iPhone Connections, without creating contact, whilst the 'hooking' mechanism clearly uses the same part of the Connector Shield as the standard Apple Connector.

    In the 'load' tests shown in the video it would have been more useful to know how many times that could be repeated before the Connector Shield was so badly damaged that it could no longer fulfil its purpose of securing the standard Connector.
    I concur with the Poster above in that the seemingly delicate iPhone Connection area does not need anything which may be used as leverage to cause serious damage.
    My experience with a connector used to Power the iPhone in vehicles indicated this could be a problem. This is reminiscent of the MacBook Magnetic Power Connector which, for good reasons, took on a low profile and right angle cable attachment when the Mac Air was born.

    IMHO Apple got this safety aspect wrong the Metal Bezel could have included a low profile slot. The metal forming the slot swept into the main component, so not to create snagging issues whilst providing room for a flat section Carribiner to securely latch on. Careful design could avoid the latching mechanism scratching the iPhone.

    Hopefully someone will provide an after-market Stainless Steel or Titanium Bezel resplendent with a suitable security aperture?

    Meanwhile I may have to settle for a DIY SS Self Adhesive alternative, unless someone can point to an existing elegant solution?
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    not a chance in hell!!

    those companies better have good insurance !
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    I just bought one off eBay for $6

    I ordered one on eBay for $6 shipped by US seller. I don't think it's the same brand but it looks like the same product. Their is no way this stuff is worth $20. I don't plan on using it a lot but I was curious how this is supposed to be securely attached by the dock connector. I might be more comfortable using it with my nano instead of my 3gs LOL
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    i duno if i would trust any device on a look-a-like product like this. Too much room for error and damage if something were to break.

    I would spend the extra 15$ and at least get it from a company that has made it to withstand a beating.

    I dunno, just my opinion...its not a cheap silicon case were as if something happens the silicon just rips...if this fails, whatever you have connected to it could hit the floor from chest level.
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    The moshi ipouch comes with a lanyard, look into that as an alternative. Plenty of reviews on youtube as well.
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    Just a mo I'll check the Blue Dot
    Wanted a Lanyard-Wrist/Hand Strap Direct to iPhone Mount

    I have tried the Moshi Pouch.
    The Material is great for cleaning the iPhone, unfortunately it cleans everything it comes into contact with. The black exterior 'collects' dust and small debris like a top quality dust magnet.
    The major concern being what happens when this unwanted collection finds its way inside the pouch.
    Realising, before purchase, that keeping the pouch clean was important I bought two so that one could be washed ready for re-use.
    OK, so I am happy to wash the pouch, but doing it every other day doesn't 'wash' with me if you get my drift?

    The Lanyard supplied by Moshi is too short unless you are prepared to tolerate the iPhone swinging about on your chest when you are doing normal tasks.

    I need a Wrist/Hand Strap secured direct to the iPhone.
    In turn this will be secured by a Carribiner to a Lanyard worn around the neck.
    The iPhone will be in a Case clipped to my Belt with the security Strap-Lanyard arrangement being slightly loose.
    When the iPhone is removed from the Case to use in the vehicle, as a SAT NAV, the Strap will be disconnected from the Lanyard and used to drape over the vehicle mounted iPhone Holder.

    IMHO although none of the above will provide absolute protection in the event of mishandling the iPhone this MO will provide the best form of protection against dropping a naked iPhone.

    I am experimenting with a curved strip of Stainless Steel, approximately 25 to 28mm long with a slot cut in a raised section. This will be attached to the iPhone between either the case fixing screws or the Sleep Button and Headphone Socket. Obviously it will be mounted clear of the Connector Slot or the Sim Card Holder dependant on chosen mounting point. Attachment will be by double sided adhesive tape, this could be removed without permanent damage to the iPhone.
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    Jun 25, 2009
    Ebay knockoff danglet

    I have been using the fake danglet that I bought from eBay and it works good. The iPhone is securely locked to the iphone dock connector port with the extra support of two pointy edges that push in and out by pressing the buttons on each side. It will work with or without a case on your iphone. I would not use this on my phone while jogging because the phone is too heavy. But just walking around normally is fine. I also tried it on my nano and it works even better because of the weight difference. I have pulled and tugged on this thing while connected to my device and I can assure you it will not break off unless you apply extreme force. Just having this lanyard handy is great especially if you have small kids who like to play with your iphone. All you have to do is connect this lanyard and put it around their necks so that if they drop the phone it wont fall on the floor. They sell these on ebay in a few different colors such as white, black, or pink.
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    well i bit the bullet and ordered one from the danglet site. around $18 with shipping.
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    Just a mo I'll check the Blue Dot
    ALternative Lanyard Fixing

    I came across this on my cyberspace travels:

    IMHO it looks rather flimsy with just one screw deployed and there appears to be precious little space to insert the Standard Apple Connector [SAC] whilst the attachment is in place.

    Provided that the SAC can be inserted between them I would purchase two and capture both ends in one Carribiner, job done.
    Not residing in North America and unable to find an outlet in Europe is making this a non starter for me at present.

    Any input on this kit will be very welcome.

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    how does this not RUIN the charging port?!?!?! There is not a chance in HELL that I will buy one of these..

    "yeah... umm.. id rather not... thanksssss..."
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    Has anyone tried Looks pretty nice but would love to see a review before ordering.:)
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    Just a mo I'll check the Blue Dot
    Made my choice - For Now at least

    In addition to a Lanyard attachment I was looking for a 'combo' Case-Wallet, something that would hold the important things normally stashed in a Wallet, but not be too bulky.

    The Case found lacked an attachment point for a Lanyard so I undertook a DIY task.
    Keeping the iPhone in a Case removed all the problems with attaching direct to the body of the device.
    Anyone interested can see the results here:
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    Definitely go for a case that has a lanyard attachment, rather than a lanyard that directly attaches to your phone.
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    I find it interesting how some people feel that all expensive high tech devices must also be frail and easy to damage. Apple has done a good job with the initial design spec for the 30 pin dock connector. It has not been changed or improved upon since the original unit. It is sturdy and Apple integrates internal support to the socket from the case design itself.

    I don't think I am supposed to post any "product promotional" stuff here, so if anybody has questions about the Danglet, feel free to go to the website and email us.

    I do believe that I can, however, brag on the Apple device, itself on this forum..

    To date, we have an "iPod video" that has had well over 50 Danglets forcibly ripped out of the dock connector. The iPod functions perfectly in every way, charges properly, and docks properly with boomboxes and computers. A new Danglet can be inserted today and the connection will still support the same 40 pound swinging bucket of water just like it did on "day 1". ZERO wear and tear.

    We have not been made aware of even a single iPod/iPhone that has suffered damage to the dock connector by a production Danglet (sure, we made early prototypes that would pull the guts out of the phones before we designed in the engineered failure modes for the Danglet). It was actually far easier to design a "too strong" attachment device than it was to design the Danglet with its engineered failure modes.

    If there are further questions specific to the Danglet device, please address them via our comment/question section of the website.

    If there are further questions regarding the Apple docking port, I will do my best to offer our opinions.

    Collins America
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    Just a mo I'll check the Blue Dot
    I would willingly oblige, but the link is not functional for me.
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    Agreed. No way would I use this or anything like it.
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    lanyard for iPhone

    Evouni A60 OAD Stylish Lanyard is best for iPhone/iPod it's Features are Zinc alloy clip Silicone neck strap (OAD) Earphone cord grommet design Clips to EVOUNI protective series for iPhone/iPod Material: Silicone neck strap, alloy clip Color: Classic Black Dimensions: 16.54 x 5.9 x 0.24 inches / 420 x 150 x 6 mm Weight: 27.2 g / 0.96 ounces.
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    I have added the link.
    Thank you.

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