Laptop battery replacement - overheating

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by spacebased, Aug 22, 2010.

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    This is more a comment about Mac's "service." I've been living with a flaming battery on my Powerbook G4 for a long time and finally found a site (Apple's) that showed that there is a recall/replacement program for this dangerous defect. Lo and behold, I try to call and the program has supposedly been cancelled as of a month ago. Very convenient. I do find that Apple does anything it can to pinch its pennies when it comes to so-called service. I should have been less accommodating of the problem before but I find that someone who has purchased 4 mac laptops, an iMac, and 4 iPhones thinking that it's time to switch to Android.
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    You're probably frustrated, fine but I don't see how you can blame Apple's service? You said you've had this problem "for a long time" but you've decided to act on it now and the program has ended. This is not Apple "pinching pennies". Any other company would decline service in the exact same situation.
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    That computer is at least five years old. Parts are becoming unavailable; Apple ceased supporting these units for repair recently as a consequence.

    You won't get better service elsewhere, though you're welcome to seek it.
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    Do you know how to report a post? That's the best way to handle threads that are in the wrong forum.

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