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    Hey All,

    I've looked online a bit, but would love to hear any first hand recommendations. I have a 15" Retina Macbook Pro and a 17" laptop that I run Ubuntu on. The 17" Laptop is a real brick, it's almost two inches thick- it's more of a portable desktop. 80% of the time, I only carry around my Macbook Pro, but the other 20%, I'm lugging around both laptops. I had a not-so-good case that fit both laptops, and I made it work. However, the case is starting to show some wear so it's time for a new one.

    Do any of you have any suggestions for cases that fit two laptops (a 15" and 17")?

    In my google searches a saw a few people that were adamant that getting two cases is a better solution, but if I find a case with a good divider, I feel that a single case is safe, no?

    I saw recommendations for:
    and for a few alienware cases, does anyone have experience with either of those?

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    I haven't looked into this at all, so I may be way off-base, but couldn't you install Ubuntu via Boot Camp or VM on your MBP and have a dual-boot single notebook to carry around? As I said, I haven't researched this at all, but this may provide some ideas:

    How to Triple-Boot Your Mac with Windows and Linux, No Boot Camp Required
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    Ah, so, I definitely need to have a dedicated Linux laptop. I tried exactly what you mentioned with my old Macbook Pro for almost a year, and it wasn't working very well. I do lots of computational work, and I often start jobs on one of the laptops that run for days ay a time. The Linux laptop is pretty spec-ed out and is quite a bit more powerful than my macbook pro for computational work. Dual-booting isn't really an option. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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