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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by romerom, Jun 12, 2006.

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    This whole issue about the overheating and constant fan on/off (mooing) has me reconsidering going MAC.

    I would love to move to OSX as I work with Unix/Linux daily at work and would like having a shell environment (cygwin just isn't the same). Also, I do alot of recording/production/dj type work on the side, and all the apps I use have versions made for them for Mac.

    I really don't want a laptop that I can't set on my lap though. Or one that has an annoying noise coming out of it every few seconds. I recently left IBM and had to give back my Thinkpad and right now for me its either Macbook Pro or Thinkpad.

    Thinkpads are awesome laptops and if they made OSX run natively on any Intel based machine, I'd get one hands down, but they don't so I'm stuck with this choice of stay windows and have a stable noise/heat-free laptop and hope that Apple releases OSX to the world, or get a Macbook Pro, live in a properly mixed unix/gui environment and get a third degree burn on my calves..

    what to do what to do..

    Any word on a fix for the overheating issue? does removing that plastic cover from the vent get rid of it entirely or are they still hot after that? Any firmware/osx fix on getting the fan to either stay off or stay on so its not constantly going up/down?
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    Just go for it. If it doesn't work out return it and get your money.

    Also, You have a year warranty if it isnt working you can get it replaced/fixed. Hardware can be replaced, so if the MB/MBP suits your needs go for it.

    I see that you edited your post.

    In case you hadnt noticed they don't call them "Laptops" they are notebook and are not supposed to be left on your lap. If you choose to, that is all you. Any notebook/laptop I have ever used has left my legs sweating. I haven't used a MB/MBP but I imagine they are the same.

    I would be willing to bet that the ThinkPads get pretty hot. That is the nature of it, and contrary to popular belief more power equals more heat. It always has especially on the Intel side. Sure they are faster when it comes to per watt performance, but I don't remember them saying "cooler" to advertise their new chips.

    I haven't heard anything about the notebooks overheating. Hot yes, but overheating would essentially mean too hot for the notebook to function, which to my knowledge is not the case.

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