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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jjd, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Guys, I need some help:

    I have moved into a new ( larger) house and have had a lot of trouble with wireless networking. The problem is a combination of distance and brick walls between rooms. I have a plan to address this and would like to know if you think this will work and/ or if you have any better ideas/ enhancements.

    Current setup

    Coax and cable modem comes into a room in the middle of the house, on the ground floor. I have a (ISP supplied) Netgear modem which is also a wireless router. I have the wireless on the Netgear turned off and I have it connected ethernet to a Time Capsule running an extended, N-only wireless network.

    The TC network is extended by means of two Airport Expresses in two rooms at either end of the house. One room is a home office where I have a MacPro that has a 1TB media drive in it and that I use to sync my phone, iPad etc. The other is a media room where I have a 2010 Mac Mini that acts as an HTPC (sort of).


    Whereas I am getting about 13 Mbps on my wife's iMac in the middle of the house (connected via Wifi only) , in the far rooms I get very poor speeds and indeed if certain heavy doors are closed I lose the signal altogether in the office.


    I want to leave the equipment where it is, but I would like to connect both the MacPro and Mini via ethernet (as well as a Yamaha AVR) to the Time Capsule. Would also like to have ethernet connections to the airports in the far rooms so that I can have good strength wifi locally in those areas.

    My solution

    I suppose I could play with Airport Extremes and external antennas but I am thinking I need to just run ethernet (at some cost I might add) to the office and media rooms. So, here is what I am planning to do:

    * Time Capsule set up as is
    * Two Airport Extremes, one in the office and one in the media room set up to establish a new network with identical name, settings etc as Time Capsule, with connection sharing turned off, connect to internet using ethernet (my understanding is that this is the best way to "extend" the Time Capsule network via ethernet (even though I am selecting "create new network"))
    * Ethernet into the AEBS', ethernet out to the macs, AVRs etc. Wifi from them also

    That should mean a direct ethernet connection between the computer in my office, the computer my media room, the apple tv in the living room and the IP coming in from the modem. I am hoping this will make for speedy internet connections for all the networked devices, seamless home sharing, and good wifi signal in the rooms with the Extremes (and hopefully in the rooms above them).

    Does this sound like it will work? Any other ideas?

    Many thanks for your attention
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    Sounds like It should work. I have had luck by putting wires under baseboard, works fine and I didn't have to have anyone install it.

    You could also look at those Ethernet over power line adaptors and use that. No installation needed.

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