Large Keynote file won't transfer to iPad

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    Jan 3, 2013
    Hi all
    I'm having a major issue. I created a rather large Keynote presentation on my Mac Desktop. It is 5GB, mainy b/c there is alot of video in it. I need to transfer this file from my mac to an iPad. Actually, I need to be able to share the file with quite a few iPads. The file is way too big to email obviously. I've tried a few things.
    1) The iTunes method where you Copy from iTunes by connecting the ipad to my computer. But when I do this, it basically loads the entire file on the ipad but then Keynote just closes and when I open it back up the file is not there. It is a 16gb ipad and it says it has 8gb of space left. Is my file too big?

    2) The other method I tried was dropbox. But, once again when I tried to download the file on the iPad, it got about 3/4 of the way through then Dropbox gives me a message "unable to view file".

    So I am thinking that the file is just too big for the ipad to handle? Is there any way of reducing a file thats so big? I did a test run with a keynote presentation that was just 5 slides with a couple pictures and it transferred over fine. Wish I could change a lot fo the presentation and remove some videos but the client already approved it and likes it. I just can not seem to find a way to get this presentation on to an iPad. Any help/advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much.

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Are the video formats in the file support the natural codecs of the iPad?

    Go here:
    It's under TV and Video.

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