All iPads Larger iPad? 4:3 or 16:9?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by benji888, Sep 8, 2013.

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    Ok, so, I know everyone's attention is on the iPhones now, as Apple is sure to make an iPhone announcement in a couple days but, I've decided to start a new thread, based on nothing but speculation:

    Rumors of 12.9" iPad...nah, this is a disguise for the next-generation MacBook Pro Touchscreen Retina display, to be introduced in late 2015. ...You know iOS & OS X will eventually merge? By the time iOS reaches X (10), they will merge and, perhaps, simply become iOS X. :cool:;)

    Ok, moving on, this is the iPad section...personally, if Apple makes a larger iPad, I think it will be wider, not 4:3 ratio. They will take what they did with iPhones 3.5>4" ... 4:3 to almost 16:9 ratio, then video will fit well on it. Internet use indicates, that a large number of people use the iPad to stream video. So, a larger iPad would be either the same width, extended height, or, what I'm leaning towards: smaller width, out to 11-12" height, as I don't think they'd make it as large as any MacBook screen.

    What do you think Apple will do (not what all geeks want, what Apple will do, from a business perspective)? Will they make a larger 4:3 ratio iPad for textbooks??? Who'd want to carry that around? OR, will they make a slightly narrower but taller iPad close to 16:9 ratio like the iPhone 5?
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    Jul 13, 2013
    Apple could change the iPhone's screen aspect ratio because every iPhone and iPod touches will have the new screen aspect ratio. To have just one iPad as 16:9 and the rest 4:3 will create fragmentation and developers will hate that.
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    16:9 is a horrible format for any computational device, it is good for TVs/projectors. 16:10 works for laptops/screens and 4:3 is perfect for tablets.

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