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    Larva is a very funny animated movie about two pests (larvas) named Red and Yellow. Released at the beginning of 8/2011 by a Korean entertainment company, it has grasped attention of numerous internet users. Though each episode is only 1,5-2 minutes long, Larva is able to create waves of unstoppable and creepy laugh with an incomparable sense of humor.
    The city’s underground tunnels where people are less likely to notice are inhabited confidentially by two small larvas Red (red) and Yellow (yellow). Here, they are enjoying everything that people throw down the drainage such as chewing gum, ice cream, coins, labels ... Sometimes the pair encounters problems with other insects or simply compete for food or argue with each other. All have brought an animated short funny film beyond anyone's imagination!
    See the animation Larva to relax and have a good time! .
    Our new series will be updated daily.


    Download link: App Store - Larva online.
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