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Discussion in 'iPad' started by brudog68, Mar 16, 2011.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, as our new iPad2's are our first significant Apple purchase...BUT...if I have "backlight bleeding" (which we do on both) and/or I have "yellow" screen etc...(wife's does, its not yellow patches or spots, but the whole screen is like looking thru a pale amber lens) and for good measure let's say I have a pixel out (we dont)....ALLL of which we can definitely "live" with, but we do want here's the question finally...

    As long as it's within the 1 year mark of purchase, then my wife and I could keep these new iPad2's and play with them for 6 mos even, until Apple may or may not re tool and correct the issues etc and exchange them? (ability to show the imperfection will be a given)

    If YES, then not worth anyone really shooting in the dark right now in hopes of nabbing a "perfect" one til it's addressed?
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    You can get a full refund / brand new replacements within 14 days; after that, it's a refurb.

    If i was you I would return it, then wait until the issues are fixed.

    But, let's say after 15 days, you want a replacement, Apple may not give it to you, because they may have marked it as a none-issue, or "within specs." But, I'm pretty sure that you can get a replacement from 15 days to a year after you bought it.

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