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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Pokernut, May 1, 2013.

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    Mar 3, 2009
    I doubt anyone will have a solution for me here, but I thought I'd give it a shot just in case. I'm using iMovie '11 on my MBP. I recently created a 60 mins 1080p project of my wedding video. I attempted to export the project (share --> Export using QuickTime) with no luck do to limited HD space. So I cleaned up my HD leaving myself 30GB to fully export my project. After approx. 18 hours of exporting, the progress bar disappeared when I was away from the computer. Leading me to believe the movie was finished exporting and I would have it safely on my desktop. Unfortunately the movie file was no where to be found, my HD now had only 4GB left so I it looked like the movie had to be somewhere.

    After about an hour of searching every single file and folder on my HD, I was going to try exporting again. But my HD still had only 4GB of space, so I decided to do a disk clean-up using Onyx. After the clean-up my HD space was restored to 30GB, I restarted my MBP, then BAM, my project was completely erased from iMovie. Older projects I've had for years were still safely in iMovie, but my wedding project was completely done, no traces at all. I checked all iMovie folders on my HD with no luck at all.

    I'm not sure how this happened at all, or if there is anyway possible of getting it back and saving myself the countless hours of recreating the project. And I should note that I'm a complete idiot and did not have my Time Machine turned on (flame away!)

    Anyway, after hours of searching around the web, I've come to the conclusion my wedding video is completely gone and I'll have to start from scratch.

    If ANYONE has any advice or recommendations of any possible way of bringing it back, I'd really appreciate it. If not, sorry for wasting your time reading this thread.

    Cliffs: Tried to export 1080p project from iMovie, exporting process failed. I cleaned my HD, restarted my computer, and project completely disappeared from iMovie.
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    Mar 9, 2013
    lost project iMovie

    Here is a link that will show you how to see your Mac's hidden files. There may be a chance that the files are hidden.

    Use Spotlight to help you find the files also. You might consider getting an external drive. I have a Macbook Pro with a Seagate drive connected via Thunderbolt. It isn't a raid, but I do use it to store 1-2 hour original videos on it, then edit them in Final Cut Pro X.

    Good luck!!

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