Last Major iOS 8 Update, Last iOS Update for Some Devices

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by snow755, May 1, 2015.

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    Last Major iOS 8 Update, Last iOS Update for Some Devices

    We expect Apple’s iOS 8.4 update to be next in line. What that means is that we don’t expect Apple to roll out an iOS 8.3.1 update. iOS 8.3 is extremely stable and with the iOS 8.4 release making progress, we’re guessing that Apple’s engineers are full steam ahead on its next big release.

    We expect iOS 8.4 to be the last big iOS 8 update before the release of iOS 9. iOS 9 is rumored to be coming in the fall alongside the iPhone 6s. While we could certainly see a bug fix or two push out between the iOS 8.4 release and the arrival of iOS 9 (especially if developers release a jailbreak), we wouldn’t expect an iOS 8.5 update or anything that’s on par with iOS 8.4.

    Finally, we also expect iOS 8.4 to be the last major update for some devices. Candidates include the iPad 2, a device that’s received four iOS updates since its release, and the discontinued iPhone 4s

    from here

    so there for iphone 4S and ipad 2 may not be getting IOS 9
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    I feel like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s are a little up in the air but the rest of the iOS 8 devices will almost certainly get iOS 9. It's up to Apple.
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    The rumors are basically the same old rumors and guesses that many have had for some time. Doesn't seem like there's really anything new or any more information that makes any of it more likely beyond simple rumors/guesses/expectations (that have been around for some time).
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    Apple is a company of patterns. The original iPhone and the iPhone 3G both supported 3 major iOS updates. The iPhone 3GS lived longer supporting 4 major iOS versions, a trend all iPhones are currently living on. If Apple makes iOS 9 available for the iPhone 4s, it seems like there's a possibility of a pattern that Apple plans to extend the life of the iPhone every "S" update. But I doubt this myself since they only provide hardware support for products up to five years of its introduction.

    The only reason the iPad 2 has supported 5 major iOS updates to date is because it was introduced before the iPhone 4s despite having similar internals.

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