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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by nasr91, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Feb 11, 2010
    Ok Guys,
    I have search the best I can. I am ready to buy (tax refund finally came in).
    The MBP 13 is what I am looking at. Please keep in mind Im not a techie and new to MAC products.

    The questions are....Will I be able to run Firefox without issues (Sarfie is not compatible with my online classes). Will I be able to communcate easly with other computers (non mac) as in sending email pics and just email in general? Will sending word files to others?

    This computer with be mostly for websurfing,email, chat forums,school (online classes) watching dvds and music. I dont play games other than solitaire. But I am online all the time.

    Also I have noticed that if you buy from Bestbuy they are a better warrenty and they cover accidental as well and AppleCare does not. Can anyone say if there is a advantage or disadvage to buying from Bestbuy rather then Apple?

    Any input would be great....Will be buying on Thusday.

    Thanks Again
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    Dec 10, 2008
    13" MBP will run FireFox flawlessly. Email also work without problems but for Word files you need iWork or Office (or OpenOffice).
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    Feb 12, 2010
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    Yes, Firefox runs just fine on Macs, as does Opera. Google Chrome for Mac is also an option, though I'd give Google a few more months to iron out the kinks before switching.

    Yes. Photographs are stored in formats that the major computers and operating systems can all read. In fact, I find I like Apple's Preview application (which is used for photographs as well as PDF documents, etc) far more than Microsoft Picture Viewer.

    Word files will switch between systems with no problem. Be sure that if you are using a new(ish) version of Word on the PC OR that when you save your document you use the pull-down option to save as a .doc file instead of a .docx - this is not a PC-Mac issue it's a Microsoft Word upgrade issue.

    Is there an Apple store anywhere near where you live? If there is, I'd seriously consider getting the extended AppleCare. Apple is AMAZING about fixing the computer on the rare occasion that you have a problem. When my video card died on my old laptop (it was about six months from the warranty expiration) Apple said it would take 10 days to get the part in stock. When they didn't get it in within the time limit, they replaced the whole computer with the closest new model to the machine that had stopped working.

    As for buying from Apple - I recommend Apple especially for someone new to the brand. Your sales rep will know the product far better than the guys at Best Buy (who after all have to know all about 4 - 5 different brands at the minimum, know the ins and outs of two different operating systems etc etc etc). He or she will be able to make sure you're on the right machine. AND there is a MUCH larger range of Mac accessories etc to be found at the Apple store if you need them.

    Good luck!
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