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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today updated its online store to indicate that free next-business-day delivery is now available on most in-stock items ordered by Friday, December 21 at 3:00 p.m. local time in the United States.


Apple routinely offers free and faster shipping during the holiday season, along with an extended return policy. For eligible products purchased between November 14, 2018 and December 25, 2018, customers have until January 8, 2019 to initiate a return in the United States and many other regions.

For last-minute gift ideas, read our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Apple Fans along with Apple's own Holiday Gift Guide.

Article Link: Last-Minute Shoppers: Apple Now Offering Free Next-Business-Day Delivery on Most Orders Placed by December 21


Jul 12, 2016
This is actually a nice bonus offering for free next business day, if you think about the cost for next business day delivery, it’s approximately $40-ish dollars pending the carrier. When we live in a world of ‘I want everything faster’, this is a Decent offer.
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Jul 22, 2002
Nice to see it. Guessing there will be alot of Watch orders this Christmas.

Just saw where estimates of 1 in 10 Americans will have smartwatch next year with Apple driving most of that because of the health features of the Apple Watch (generation 4 in particular). Seems pretty obvious the Watch is going to be big for Apple (maybe not a iPhone exactly but something big and it'll drag new users into the iPhone while doing so).

Westside guy

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Oct 15, 2003
The soggy side of the Pacific NW
I did this last year, then the item inexplicably switched to arriving December 27 - which is what ended up happening. Apple wouldn’t cancel the order or refund anything until I’d received it, so for a couple weeks I was out twice the money (it was a Christmas present).

Caveat emptor.


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Apr 22, 2015
Phoenix, AZ (USA)
Woohoo!!! Just Ordered my iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3 1TB and all the accessories again (that oddly enough I already owned for the Gen 2... )

I didn't see a spot on the payment method to pay by organs or children's college tuition, but it's all good!
The student discount helped a little - Let me stress "A LITTLE"

However, disappointed that it cost more to buy this than the starting price to the higher end 3.8 ghz iMac 27 5k.. Think about that.

This puppy better move mountains. If not i can at least use the new iPad to file for bankruptcy online and probably that "apology letter" to my children - I'm sure they'll understand :D

All joking aside, *Sigh*:rolleyes: i'll use the hell out of it.
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