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    Apr 18, 2012
    I am a new user in the world of Apple and I want to know the steps to install copies of Mac and how to use the keyboard and keyboard shortcut.
    What is the difference between Mac Os extended ( Journaled),Mac Os extended,Mac Os extended (case-sensitive,Journaled),Mac Os extended (case-sensitive), Unix File system & Free space.
    - Does Apple devices have the BIOS screen that exist in the PC and how to enter it?
    And many other things. I want so many books to learn
    plzzzzzzzzz help me
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    First of all... Welcome to Mac ;)!!

    The disk formats you are talking about are the native Mac OS X disk formats. In other words, it's the format you will need to install Mac OS X on a Hard Drive. The main one (Mac OS Extended (Journaled)) is what your Hard Drive needs to be to run OS X. Free space is totally unformatted, empty space that's not used on the actual HD. If you go into disk utility, you can pull down your HD so you don't have any. This may help you...

    To install Mac OS X, simply put the disk in and click "Install". It then reboots and installs. What type of machine are you trying to install on?

    What do you mean by BIOS- like a terminal window?


    Go to /Applications/ Utilities/ Terminal

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