Last Rev 30" Apple Display vs. Prior Revisions

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by mBurns, Dec 3, 2011.

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    Hi folks. Just curious as to the difference between the last revision 30" Apple Display discontinued in 2010 versus say the older revisions like on from 2004 for example. Is there an article online that highlights the differences? How many revisions occurred? I am interested in purchasing a 30" Cinema Display and would like more knowledge on the different revisions to know how to identify them and what to look out for. Thanks in advance.
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    Most of it came down to increases in brightness and contrast ratio.

    The main difference between the last revision and predecessors was an

    increase of the brightness from 270cd/m2 to 400cd/m2
    increase in contrast ratio from 400:1 to 700:1

    The latest revision is the A1083. At this point, I would make sure I am getting at least the A1083.

    This page covers it:

    Be sure to look click the brightness and contrast areas for further details.
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    how does one find out what revision 30" one have?
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