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Jul 28, 2006
Hey, I was just wondering if this happens for other users, because I just noticed it the other day. I'm not sure if its done this since Beta 4 or if I toggled some obscure setting by accident.

In the iOS 7 Beta 4 Music app, from the Artists view select any artist with two or more albums and play the last song of any album that's not the last album in the list. Scrub to a few seconds before the end if you don't want to wait. Let it finish. Does it automatically play the first song of the next album for you afterward? Its suddenly doing this for me and I just want to see if its a feature in Beta 4 and not something I did. Before it would simply kick me back to the album view. It only bugs me a little bit because I use iTunes Match and don't always want it to start downloading a song from another album I didn't select.



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Jul 30, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Yup, mine does this too. And there seems to be no way to make it repeat an album (so the problem from the first three betas has been reversed) :rolleyes:


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Jun 12, 2013
This was a huge problem for me the first three beta's. I'm glad I can now listen to all songs from an artist (and/or shuffle them). But I can understand you would want to listen to one album too. I guess you could still play by album by selecting album view instead of artist.


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Sep 23, 2013
If you choose your album from the album icon then click repeat at the bottom of the page it gives you the option of repeating album
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