'Last Week Tonight' Renewed for 2 more Seasons


Feb 9, 2010
HBO renews Last Week Tonight with John Oliver for two more seasons

With the news of John Stewart leaving the Daily Show, those who don't understand the business seemed to put John Oliver in his place. Well, that certainly is not happening.

John Oliver was a better host of the Daily Show than Stewart and his current show is what the Daily Show once was.
Its fantastic. The final story in each episode is always a longer, deeper look into a serious issue. Its both very good reporting and funny as hell. This week's last week had a story on the tobacco industry. Very funny but also very thought provoking.


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Jan 31, 2010
Midlife, Midwest
John Oliver is brilliant, and his new show on HBO is a definite keeper.

That said - I think Oliver needs to polish a couple of aspects of his act a little bit.

The indignant "You do that!" (etc.) shouting, while waving his hand was funny the first ten or fifteen times he did it. He either needs to broaden his repertoire of comedy reactions, or maybe not do it quite so often.

And secondly, I think he needs to hone his interviewing skills a little. He's not bad, per se, its just that you can sort of see where he's going three or four minutes before he gets there.

All things considered, Oliver's show is considerably more entertaining than Bill Maher's - which seems increasingly bloated and self-indulgent. But I think Oliver needs to step up his game just a bit before he attains the comedy/news nirvana I think he's aiming for - and is quite clearly capable of.