Late 12" Development...Jan 2006?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by allmode, Nov 4, 2005.

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    Nov 4, 2005
    Spoke to a guy in macstore today, we compared the new 15 and the 12, didn't see any lines in the 15 thankfully and the brightness of the screen made the 12 look a bit tired for an "updated" and brand new machine, especially something that costs like it does...

    I said to him "why would they update two of the three laptops only?" (even though they kinda last-minute-half-bake-updated the 12") and he replied something about some hint macworld ran recently regarding a 12" update in january, lcd screen for extra battery hence ability for brighter screen, and something about thinner base due to slim battery design, i'm guessing to make it profiled akin to 15 and 17 and get it around the weight of the small PC's that are starting to turn out. He asked me when i was going to get one and i said mid december, and even though he's a salesman in the mac store, he said, "i can't be sure, but give it til january..." effectively turning away a sale......was he a champ, chimp, chump? i cannot be sure but he was real nice in any case...

    When you look back at PB releases its not uncommon for there to be a release at the end of a year and then again at the start of the next, there is a shrinking effect going on in notebooks in general lately especially with weight, maybe these issues take longer to resolve in an "updated" 12" than the bigger PB's, perhaps (making broad assumptions here) they fed us two prior to christmas and couldn't get the 12 ready in time? Another guy at another macstore said they were phasing out the 12, but with the market flooding with new 14's and 12's and 13's (in pc land) i don't know about that, and everybody who owns a 15 or more knows that "portable" isnt exactly the right word for them, more like "movable"....

    Anyway who knows, but i'm most likely waiting til January, it's only a month longer than planned and it would be a nice way to start 2006 even if the 12 is the same as before...

    I might ask him where he read it in Macworld next time i see him, just thought i'd share what i heard today and see if anyone can benefit/add to this.

    timing is different for everyone.:cool: :cool: :cool: :rolleyes:

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