Late 2006 iMacs (Core 2 Duo)


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Feb 10, 2013
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Hi there.

I have just acquired three late 2006 iMacs. Two 20 inch models and one 17 inch. All three are in full working order with 3GB RAM. I had been running Snow Leopard on them until yesterday I decided to install Lion on one of the 20 inch models. All seems to be running Ok at the moment!

The camera wasn't working on the 17 inch but I managed to sort that out yesterday.

Anyway, I think these are still great machines for basic day to day use and I'm enjoying tinkering with them! I have donated the 17 inch model to my young son for his room.

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Mar 21, 2015
I got the 3 for £125.

Great price for the 3 machines. I had one of those, I think it was my second ever mac I brought.

Are you planning on doing any upgrades, like replacing the HDD's with SSD's? That will certainly speed them up, if the upgrade is possible that is.