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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Ahuynh616, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Ahuynh616 macrumors newbie

    Apr 14, 2009
    I looking to upgrade from this old beast (1st generation 13' unibody, Core 2 Duo) to a 2012 13' Macbook Air. Hoping I get atleast the 4 years I'm already got from the 1st gen. which is actually still in great shape but just want a change to current time and speeds.

    How big of a difference will I notice going to the Air for day to day computing?
  2. kierennyc macrumors regular

    Dec 3, 2008
    I just went from the 08 alu macbook to the 2012 11 inch Air and let me tell you, its night and day.

    I had the 2.4ghz alu macbook configuration and later upgraded the Ram to 8GB and put in a 1TB drive. After 4 years it still handled my computer needs (all be it a little slowly sometimes) so I didnt really need to upgrade, however I felt id got enough 'value' out of it and would treat myself to a new machine.

    I ultimately chose the i7 11 inch Air over the 13 inch model as I was wanted something ultra portable. I'd say im not a power user and mostly use my machine for email, media and a few professional applications. The i7 Ivy processor and more importantly, SSD with Sata 3 connection meant it was more than capable of handling anything I could throw at it.

    The instant loading of apps, 'instant-on' from sleep and cold boot time of around 13 seconds makes a huge huge difference to the computing experience - everything is snappy and there when you want it. Its heaven.

    I recently used my old trusty alu macbook and the thing felt like a tank! On top of that it was unbearably slow compared to my new Air.

    If you have the means then do it. Certainly not a necessary upgrade (for my computer needs at least) but I'm extremely happy that I did.
  3. Ahuynh616 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Apr 14, 2009
    I think I feel the exact way you did. I don't have to upgrade but feel it's going to be a solid investment.

    I'll probably keep the 08 as a media storage unit while using the 128gb SSD for day to day stuff.

    Thanks for the info.
  4. kierennyc macrumors regular

    Dec 3, 2008
    I personally feel its a solid investment and the exact right time to upgrade for somebody with an 08 (or older macbook). With the inclusion of USB 3.0, thunderbolt, the new processors and 8GB ram option, the 2012 air is a computer that can easily last 4 years. If I get that out of a machine, Im happy. It's the right time to buy.
  5. bigmac7 macrumors member

    Aug 9, 2007
    I'm in the same boat as you! I'm getting ready to upgrade from the 2008 Aluminum Macbook to a 13 inch air. I've been going back and forth in my head for weeks as to whether I should get the 13 inch MBP or the 13 inch Air.

    Seems like plenty of people on here seem to think the 13 inch MBP is outdated and not worth buying in comparison to the Air, so it looks like I will go with the air. I can't wait to have the speed of a SSD

    I'm hoping there's a big difference. I'm still working 2 GB of ram on this thing.

    If I'm still able to run iMovie and Final Cut decently on this machine, I'm hoping the MBA will be able to handle it no problem.
  6. GREEN4U macrumors 6502a

    Mar 24, 2010
    I personally wouldn't upgrade unless there's some new milestone in your life where you'll need it (college, grad school, baby, new job, etc). But that's just me.

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