Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook Upgrade is Complete

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    Thanks for the advice earlier. I first removed the old memory sticks and then installed two 4gb memory sticks:

    Then I installed the new hard drive, a whooping 1Tb:

    I do not have any technical experience with taking apart electronic stuff therefore I was nervous as a sinner in church. My main problem was trying to figure out how to get the software up to date. What I ended up doing was using Superduper. I copied my original hard drive onto the new hard drive and it worked well. That was not my original plan but it worked.

    For those of you that have never done this and want to, it is easy. However, you will need something similar to this:
    The unit above is an external enclosure for the hard drive. You can save a couple of bucks and buy only the needed cables that plug into the hard drive.

    Before you remove your old hard drive, insert the new hard drive into the above enclosure. Then copy your old drive to the new drive. (I used SuperDuper - it is easy to use and it works great. Best of all it's FREE) After the copy is complete remove the old drive from the MacBook and remove the new hard drive from the enclosure and insert it into the MacBook. The reason I paid the extra couple of bucks for the enclosure versus just the cable is this. After you find that your MacBook works, you can take the old hard drive and insert it into the enclosure, format it and now you have a portable hard drive. The above listed enclosure also comes with a protective case.

    SuperDuper can be found here:

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