Late 2008 MBP - Dead USB port indicated by gold button on logic board?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by bombrider, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. bombrider macrumors newbie

    Jan 3, 2011
    Over Christmas my MBP was put in an awkward position resulting in the USB thumb drive plugged in to the side USB port being bent. The damage was mainly to the thumb drive itself.

    A few days later I tried using this same USB port for something else and noticed it appeared to be dead. I tried an SMC reset which didn't help, so I thought I'd take the cover off to inspect any possible damage. I wasn't able to see anything obvious apart from small, thin golden "buttons" with pointed heads that appear to be on a spring (I can't think of how else to describe them) that are in line with each of the USB/Firewire/Display ports on the left side of the logic board. Coincidentally, the button that lines up with the dead USB port is pushed in and not springing back out.

    I have a genius bar appointment for Thursday, and I'm worried that I'll be told that I have to buy a new logic board to fix my little USB port. However, I was hoping someone could confirm my suspicions (and general curiosity) about the function of that little gold button I described above? Any general advice would be welcome too!
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    Jan 3, 2011
    I'm not sure if bumping is a faux pas here but I'm givin' this a bump as I'm sure somebody must know the precise function of these little buttons I've described! :D

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