Late 2008 MBP - Fan replacement - Sunon vs Delta


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Jan 14, 2011
My left fan is making a little noise while spinning. I think it is either the dust or it is getting old...

iFixit and PowerBookMedic sell it respectively $49.95 and $59.95. Both are manufactured by Delta electronics. I checked eBay and found a replacement part (model MagLev MG62090V1-Q030-S99) much cheaper (less than $20), and it is manufactured by Sunon. I couldn't find any information regarding the noise, though. Anyone had experience with this fan model? Would I expect the same quality as the Delta model?



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Aug 28, 2012
I just installed a Sunon Maglev in an Early 2008 MBP, it is certainly quieter than the original Delta fan (the difference is clear because my left fan is now Sunon and right is Delta, the Sunon is noticably quieter)- it is also a more pleasant hum/air sound compared to the Delta.

Time will tell if the Sunon is as reliable as the Delta- the left fan went for 4 years before the bearing started to become noisy, the right fan is still running fine. But at this stage I think I should have just gone ahead and replaced both the fans with Sunons


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Jun 18, 2007
I just installed a Sunon in my Early 2008 MBP on the left side and I don't know if it was damaged in transit or what, but after putting it all back together it was making a horrible noise. I think the top was bent a bit and the blades were hitting the bottom of its own enclosure. I bent it back a bit and it seemed to clear and all is well now, but I still think it's noisier than the right (original) fan in that I can barely hear the right fan, but the left one is audible (nothing like with the bad bearing in the old one, though).