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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Sammio2, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Hello all,

    I've had a quick search around, and have found a few similar posts (from years ago), so I just wanted to see if any fine folks here can advise me on the best course of action...

    My trusty (almost) three year old MBP has developed an issue with faded black lines appearing at the bottom of the screen, gradually disappearing towards the top of the screen (See attached pic.) Almost as if some of the LED backlights are not coming on properly. This is an intermittent problem, and can always be solved by resetting the PRAM ? But this does not solve it permanently?

    I'm aware the late 2008 MBP models have a problem with the Nvidia card, but this issue is not present on any external monitors connected to the card, and seems different to the issues others have reported with the failure of the Nvidia card.

    I was just wondering, if anyone has come across this before. I'll be contacting Apple Care tomorrow (it's still in warranty) but does anyone have any kind of rough time-frame as to how long this will take to fix or repair?

    Many Thanks for all your help during this tragic and difficult time for me...


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    It looks like what you said - a bank of LEDs aren't coming on. Good thing you still have AC ;)
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    I believe your MacBook Pro appears to be impersonating a stage curtain.
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    Remove the LCD. On the side with the display cable, rip off the plastic.

    There's a flex cable that may not be in there right.

    The second portion is a grey looking thing that goes to a ground plane. If not connected, you will see what you see there.
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    Hahaha, and a fine job it's doing too!

    Thanks for your responses guys, strangely the problem has gone away now, will probably still get it checked out by the AppleCare guys.

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