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Discussion in 'iMac' started by fruitpunch.ben, Oct 18, 2014.

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    Sep 16, 2008
    Surrey, BC
    Hi everyone,

    I have the BTO i7 2009 iMac (the first 27").
    I have since ripped out the dvd drive and replaced it with an SSD that has the OS and programs on it, and kept the 2TB internal for music/movies/photos.
    I also have 8GB RAM.
    On Mavericks it used to run pretty much buttery smooth, with very little lag.
    But since upgrading to Yosemite beta, and then even after doing a clean install of the RTM, I have gotten quite significant lag. Just doing usual things around the OS like switching programs, changing views in iTunes, switching between tabs in Safari, using Mission Control/Expose/Launchbar. Watching Netflix in Chrome at full screen also is often half of second out of sync between audio/video. It's not bad, its usable (and better than when I just had a platter HD) but its usually a second or so of lag when doing any of those things. Perhaps I'm remembering wrong, but I didn't have the same problem with Mavericks.

    So can you please post how your 2009 iMac is doing with Yosemite?
    Specifically, I'm wandering if it is the RAM that's the problem (I am consistently getting around 200MB of swap, and significant paging, but the memory pressure is always green, and 8GB of RAM should be plenty to run OS X.
    It's not the hard drive, because I have an SSD. Is it the graphics card (which was quite underpowered already at release)? I don't know.
    So I don't mind getting more RAM if necessary, but don't want to pay $150 for another 8GB of RAM if the problem is something else.
    I suspect graphics, if only because older games I can remember playing on medium or high graphics settings at purchase now only work on low, and then sometimes at <20 FPS.

    How is yours doing? Please state model, RAM amount, HDD or SSD, etc.

  2. hellozero macrumors newbie

    Dec 28, 2010
    so far so good


    I have the late 2009 27 iMac, with i7 2.8G BTO, 8G ram, 512m ATI HD 4850

    I changed the hard drive to Samsung pro SSD during the apple hard drive recall.

    Yosemite so far seems good. Nothing major had impacted me.

    One of my foreign language input was incompatible with yosemite and it notified me once the installation was done.

    One minor issue: sometimes when the machine wakes up, it picks up some weird random wireless as default wireless network (looks like it picks up my wireless printer's network) instead of my default home wireless. So I have to manually switch back.

    Also I noticed that the fans seems to run more often/louder with Yosemite. Not sure it is just my bias or the machine is actually running hotter.

    Other than that, everything is good

    I do hate the fluorescent color icons of yosemite, much like the IOS 6 to 7 switch.
  3. crizzly macrumors newbie


    Mar 11, 2014

    Just a couple days in but so far It seems to run just as well as Mackericks if not better. One issue I do notice is slowdowns and lockups during intense disk activity. Not sure if that relates to Yosemite upgrade but didn't experience that on Mackericks.

    I will most likely be replacing my DYI Fusion drive with a 1TB SSD drive so hopefully that will alleviate any disk access issues.

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