Late 2011 13" MBP - Battery Not Charging

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by thornslack, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I have the above mentioned 13" MBP which I repaired a few years back after a crush accident. The logic board was moved to a new shell and things worked great for a while. After a couple months in storage the laptop indicates the battery is not charging, despite being able to run off the wall socket. I have performed SMC resets, removed the battery, reinstalled the battery, reinstalled a different battery, installed a fully charged battery. In no scenario can I seem to bypass the problem, and the computer does not charge the internal battery.

    My issue is this. The computer doesn't perform properly when running on the magsafe charger alone. It has EXTREMELY choppy performance, is slow, and generally unusable despite powering on and attempting to function. When a battery with a charge is installed, performance chugs along normally. I am wondering if the processors are not getting enough juice and are throttling back or perhaps something else is to blame.

    Can anyone suggest further trouble shooting? I am capable of most repairs for the computer. My thought is the mag safe board must work, but the power delivery from that board to the battery clearly isn't taking place. Does anyone with technician's experience have a recommendation or technical guide that might help me to isolate the issue? I am about to do a clean OS install just for kicks but I feel strongly this is a hardware based issue. If at all possible I would like to salvage the machine since it is frustratingly close to being functional, but I am getting to the point where I am considering off loading it as scrap. I would love advice! Thank you!
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    Busy thread ;)

    Anyhow I thought I'd post my update. I ran the remote internet-based Apple Hardware Test on the computer. It passed the quick check with no issues flagged, so I went ahead and ran the extended test. Sometime over the course of the ~1.5 hour test the computer switched over and began charging the the battery. Performance is good again now that it is properly powered.

    I am still at a loss as to the mechanism of the original problem, or of the AHT's solution to it, but perhaps this will help someone else. I know it's not just a matter of it being plugged in for an extended time as I trialed that solution over the last couple weeks. I'll post back should I discover anything interesting.
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    Hey Everyone, bumping this thread with an update. The 'battery not charging' symptom has been an intermittent problem on this laptop for a little while now. I have since starting this thread replaced the battery and the magsafe board to rule out those culprits, and have determined the cause of the problem I believe.

    There is a fracture in the logic board right near the battery connector. I have attached an image identifying the location. Unfortunately because it is on the main board I'm not sure what my options for repair would be. I was wondering if maybe I could squirt some conductive liquid metal (is this a thing?) into the crack, thereby reuniting the traces, then use hot glue around the area to insulate it. Any ideas? Sadly I am not aware of anyone offering board repair services in my area, and I'm not quite ready to scrap this computer over this problem. Thanks for your help!

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