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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by flashg8228, Feb 11, 2015.

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    I have a Late 2011 2.4ghz MBP running the latest version of Yosemite and I am going to upgrade from 4GB to 16GB and I going to ditch my 500GB HDD for a Samsung 850 Pro 512GB. I am not too incredibly technically inclined, but I familiar enough that I am confident I can physically install both upgrades. My question has more to do with how I go about booting up and installing yosemite onto the new SSD. Ideally, I just want to start fresh and not clone the contents of my current hard drive to the SSD. I am unsure if once I have the SSD installed, I can then boot up using a USB thumb drive that contains the OS X Install app or if I need to put Yosemite onto the SSD prior to installing it. Also, I'm unfamiliar with TRIM, again, I've done my best to read up on it and understand it, but do I to install TE prior to installing the SSD? What about disabling kext signing before going through the entire process? I just don't wan't to install everything and then be stuck on the grey screen. Again, sorry for my inexperience, any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    So I'll break down my answer into two parts.

    To install Yosemite fresh: Before you install the SSD, with your current machine, make a USB install disk of Yosemite. Here is a good article on how to do it. Or you can use diskmakerx (google it). Once created you are good to go. Swap out your hdd for your new ssd and then boot holding the option key with your install disk plugged in. Click on the USB.

    To enable trim, you need to do what I just said first: install Yosemite. Then you need to download the trim enabler and follow its instructions. It will automatically disable kext signing for you. Reboot a couple of times and you are good. Make sure you reenable kext signing (aka disable TRIM) before any OS updates.
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    Apple also provide a guide on how to install OSX on to an external drive which doesn't require any other software . Just put the new drive into an external enclosure. Install OSX a fresh on to it, (as part of the install process your machine will reboot and boot from the external drive so you can set up icloud/user account etc). shut the machine down after this and then take the samsung drive from the external enclosure and put it in your MBP. Job done! (then put your old drive in the external enclosure and copy off any files you want to keep / keep it as a spare disc.

    If you're looking for an external enclosure I recommend considering this one from Anker®-Driv...967&sr=8-1&keywords=anker+external+hard+drive

    its slide loading so no need to used a screwdriver :)
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    What Next

    So after I went through everything, it properly loaded me into the OS X Utilities screen where I used disk utility to erase the SSD and properly format it, returned to the OS X Utilities screen, selected install OS X Yosemite, selected my SSD and it's doing that now. My understanding is that once it's done installing, I should get Trim Enabler, reboot a few times, and then I should be good to go, does this all sound correct? Thanks and sorry for the questions.
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    You're on the right track and should be good to go

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