Late 2012 iMac: how to boot Windows 7 from external Thunderbolt SSD

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    purchased Winclone to achieve the following.

    I have a late 2012 iMac with a 1 TB Fusion drive. On the Fusion drive i have successfully installed a Win7 Ultimate 64bit partition (OEM purchased on Ebay), which i use for gaming. Everything has always been fine, all bootcamp drivers were downloaded, and it did recognize my thunderbolt devices.

    Now i wanted to move Windows from the internal Fusion drive to an external Thunderbolt SSD which i have purchased (Lacie rugged 120gb), and boot windows from there (while eventually deleting the old fusion partition).

    I successfully created a shrinked image (around 70gb, didnt have much stuff), successfully prepared the Lacie SSD, and finally restored the created image from the "old" internal partition to the external SSD. Now here starts the problem.

    My Windows partition doesn't work anymore, it doesn't work neither the old one neither the new one (which i can successfully see it when alt-booting, i can basically choose whether to boot on the original internal windows partition or the new ssd thunderbolt - they are named the same). It says whichever of the options i choose (on the black windows boot screen) there is a problem with an oem-drv64.sys signature, which leads me to think that it has the problem because the internal configuration has changed. I tried repeadetly restoring from the original image that i created at the beginning, but it does not work anymore. I don't even manage to get back to square one (i.e. unplug thunderbolt drive and simply boot into windows as before, the same error appears, no way to go around it via safe booting etc.).

    I DID NOT "prepare" the windows system before cloning it via removing all signatures, drivers, etc. as i understood it actually did need to have the bootcamp drivers already installed, if not it would not be able to read the thunderbolt drive at the first boot before installing the various drivers. In fact, in theory you can't boot windows from an external thunderbolt drive, but i know for a fact that people do manage to achieve this.

    Right now my best option is to start all over again by re-installing windows on the imac via bootcamp, etc. (no big issue except waste of time as i had just started with win, everything is backed up), but i don't know what to do next in order to achieve my objective: have Win7 booting off my external Thunderbolt SSD.

    Any help?


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