Late 2013 rMBP starting to have issues, repair or replace?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jaseone, Oct 1, 2018.

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    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)
    2.3 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    512gb SSD

    Is starting to have some weird disk corruption issues at first it started with my Windows 10 VM in Parallels Desktop getting corrupted forcing me to have to rebuild a new one as I didn't frequently back it up plus it was 32 bit and I had been wanting to move to 64 bit anyway, that didn't worry me too much but then Time Machine wouldn't and still won't run even after using a new external drive and deleting all of the local TM preference files & such, leading me to have no end of issues with Disk Utility running First Aid both live and from Recovery, in Recovery it sometimes says it is successful but gets stuck with the fan blaring no matter how long I leave it so I can't hit done and have to force shut down. Now "Other Volumes" is taking up about 150gb on my hard drive that I can't seem to reclaim, Console is constantly logging:

    process_snapshot_phys_extents:699: found bogus extentref tree entry with len_and_kind=0xfff093c34a3debba owning_obj_id=18442505391958978800 refcnt=-986896, skipping

    For different GUID's over & over & over.

    I tried reinstalling Mojave from Recovery but that didn't help. I know erasing and starting from scratch would be the next step but without a time machine backup I'm hesitant to do that as it will be a pain to get everything setup again, I have of course taken manual backups of important files including the VM. Plus I don't have high confidence that the issue won't recur after going through the Erase so replacing the SSD and the battery (may as well do both if I was to do one) would be one option for a higher level of confidence but I feel on a 5 year old laptop that might just be prolonging the inevitable and going against the buy once, cry once principle I try to stick by.

    I went through the Apple GiveBack wizard and would get an estimated $590 back if they don't care about some blemishes on the display so that coupled with a discount through my employer is twisting my arm toward buying new especially as I have an international trip coming up that I need a reliable laptop for where I wouldn't be able to get a replacement.

    TL;DR: Late 2013 rMBP starting to have issues, invest time & money on repairs or buy new for better peace of mind on reliability (and better performance of course)?
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    So a replacement SSD with my preferred option on OWC would be $520 for the SSD kit (upgrade to 1TB) and $99 for the battery so $620 on repairs/upgrades vs $2631 (less ~$500 than that with the trade in) for the latest 15" with 512 gb. Obviously $620 is a lot less than spending ~$2,100 after trade in but it seems like it would be silly to invest that much in a 5 year old laptop where other things could well go wrong when I could spend another $1500 and get a whole new laptop. Decisions, decisions...
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    Have you seen this:

    Considering that $2000 could get you a decent used model or a new model and you will need something reliable for travel you might as well spring for the new model, and get another 5 years of dependable use.

    $99 for a battery seems a little low (it’s a big battery with 4 pouches) but what you likely don't realize is that the battery is glued in. You need to gently peel the old battery (carefully avoiding battery fires from punctures) and the trackpad ribbon is under the battery as well. Watch a few guides before attempting. The SSD is simple, there is just one screw holding it in place.
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    Thanks, hadn't seen that particular thread, doesn't seem like the exact same issue but has some leads that I will try, to single user mode I go...

    I saw it was a real pain to upgrade the battery and maybe the $99 wasn't the right one on iFixIT that I saw but I thought it was but yeah am not really keen on messing with that.
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    Am running:

    fsck_apfs -y /dev/disk1

    In single user mode after confirming I had no local TM snapshots and it is seemingly endlessly scrolling with errors similar to:

    Error: Cross Check : ExtentRef physical extent (some hex number + some int) has kind APFS_KIND_NEW but was referenced previously

    Which I’ve seen before when running first aid in disk utility so maybe it needed to be in single user mode to resolve it? I’ll leave it running a while and see if it does anything but I have a bad feeling.

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