Late 2016 MBP fans on constantly

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by AthenaNoctua, May 27, 2017.

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    Oct 5, 2012
    I'm typing this on my father's late 2016 MBP (top spec 15"), running Sierra 12.5. I have Safari, Mail, Preview, Activity Monitor and Notes running - that's it. The fans are so loud they sound like a cooker extractor hood, and the area beneath the screen is extremely warm to say the least. This machine was an upgrade to his old mid-2012 MBP, which was base spec and I don't recall the fans running like this - ever.

    Secondly (and this may-or-may-not be related), I have a problem with windows turning to red rectangles (see screenshot) which gradually reappear when the cursor is moved over them, making me wonder if this is a refresh issue.

    Now it's always left to me to deal with AppleCare, despite this being my father's machine, and despite the fact he knows damned well I can't cope with using the phone (I'm autistic), he always pleads ignorance (it's wilful - I've been trying to train him for decades, and he refuses to learn), but there's no way I can deal with a long protracted call to Apple (if it's deemed necessary) so - somehow! - I need to make him understand (it's his computer, FFS - WTF should I have to deal with it...?!).

    So what gives - and is calling Apple necessary?



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    Well, it kind of looks that the laptop is broken. I'd bring it to a shop so that they can look at it.
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    Open Activity Monitor too see what applications or processes are using so much system resources. Under the CPU tab, you can click on % CPU to sort the processes in order of CPU usage to see what's using the most. And you can do the same under the Energy tab.

    Do an SMC reset for good measure:
    And, don't worry about talking on the phone - you can do an online chat if you would prefer.

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