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Apr 12, 2001


New York Times columnist David Pogue delivered his version of the Macworld Keynote speech this morning at Macworld San Francisco 2010. Pogue's presentation took place on opening morning of the expo, a spot held traditionally by Steve Jobs' keynote in year's past. The event was held in talk-show like fashion with musical numbers from Pogue himself including a rendition of his iPhone: The Musical parody song.


Actor LeVar Burton also took the stage to help Pogue with an on-stage rendition of 'It's A Wonderful Life' where we find out what life would have been like if Steve Jobs had never founded Apple Computer.

We expect a video of the event will be posted in time. The Expo floor opens later today.

Article Link: 'Late Night with David Pogue' Replaces Steve Keynote at Macworld San Francisco 2010


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Mar 28, 2006
Wait, I thought it was supposed to be CoCo?!

No, not the TRS-80 Color Computer, but Conan O'Brien... LOL :D:eek:


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Feb 9, 2007
...what life would have been like if Steve Jobs had never founded Apple Computer.

Microsoft would have just released DOS 7 and Xerox's PARC OS X would hold 90% of the desktop market.

The Sony Walkman X-treme-2-the-Maxx would revolutionize the way we listen to music, as it can store two cassette tapes at once.

The mobile world would be blown away by just how shiny and candy bar-like the new Motorola NRXIA is.
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